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“Make Google Your Friend!” Kamene Goro Blasts People With Poor Grammar

Kamene Goro has come out to ruthlessly slam people who make grammatical errors.

The former radio presenter said that she is considering starting classes  to teach people grammar and spelling.

“I am really looking at people’s terrible spelling and grammar thinking maybe I should start a class on basic spelling and gramm,ar. How are you pver 30 years and still can’t distinguihs between This and These, There and Their even Him and Her is still a problem???Guys!!” she shared on her Insta stories.

Kamene maintained that such people don’t make mistakes since their problem is poor grammar.

She added that some were doing completely nothing to solve the issue.

“Look, don’t get me wrong, it’s not mistake it’s poor grammar and the lack of initiative to make it better irks me. We live in an era where access to information is free and easy so you really have no excuse,” she said, adding that, “I look at CVs I receive with such negligent typos and grammar and I’m like why???”

She went on to advise on how one can ensure that the documents they submit are free of grammatical errors.

“Double check, spell check send it to someone to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes or even simply make google your friend,” Kamene stated.

She further noted that people were missing out on opportunities because of negligence on basic grammar and spelling


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