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Nita-Donate Nguo! Reasons Eric Omondi Stopped Cross-Dressing Revealed

“I’ve stopped cross-dressing completely. I’ll give out all my outfits,” says Eric Omondi.

Comedian Eric Omondi has officially announced his decision to bid farewell to his comedic cross-dressing persona. This significant career shift comes just days after Kenya’s Supreme Court reaffirmed LGBTQ rights although it’s not linked to his decision not to cross-dress anymore.

Eric says, “I have stopped cross-dressing until further notice. What I am doing right now involves women, children, and more, so it will be hard to see that character.”

For years, he has kept audiences entertained with his cross-dressing alter ego, eliciting laughter and applause for his remarkable comedic talents.

However, beneath this unexpected career pivot lies a noble purpose. Eric Omondi has embarked on a new chapter dedicated to philanthropy and serving the underprivileged in Kenyan society. He expressed his commitment to this cause, emphasizing his desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Njugush Addresses Eric Omondi's Controversial Crossdressing While the decision to retire his cross-dressing persona has caught many off guard, Omondi offered a word of caution to his fans and the public, hinting at more transformative changes in his career.

“I feel like they need to get ready because they are not ready,” he says, leaving room for speculation about what’s next on his creative mind.

In the past, Eric Omondi faced criticism for unveiling a female alter ego, frequently appearing in videos donning wigs and provocative dresses. However, he now intends to donate the entirety of his clothing collection, retaining only a select few items for future use.

Omondi has also hinted at creating valuable connections with influential individuals who advocate for a different image and purpose in his career. He disclosed, “Right now, there is a very big list of children in Kilifi that can’t afford school fees, and I am looking for ways to help them.”

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