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Jackie Matubia Responds To Whether Blessing Supports Their Daughter, Opens Up On Moving On

“Is Blessing involved in helping raising Didi ama you are doing it solo?” an Instagram user asked Jackie Matubia.

This is after the mother of two decided to interact with her fans on Instagram after landing free time on Thursday morning.

Responding to the question however, Matubia shared a video of herself with some funny facial expressions. The video was accompanied by Reuben Kagame and Gloria Muliro’s song Huniachi.

Another fan questioned about her experience as a single mum and also wondered if she will publicize her next relationship.

How does it feel being a single mum of two? Do you feel your next relationship utaeka kwa social media?

Responding to the question, Jackie said that she is fine as well as her children but they were still healing and haven’t thought about the future yet.

“Am good, my kids are good that’s all that matters for me . And do I feel the next…sijafika hapo when it comes to my healing process and my moving on process niko at who I am and who I want to be in my healing process¬† and my kids’ healing process hatujaanza kufikiria hapo,” she said.

Jackie Matubia revealed that she parted ways with Blessing on July 25. She confirmed their break up by simply saying that she is a proud single mother of two.

These came months after fans speculated that all was not well between the actors. The duo had unfollowed each other on social media and were no longer sharing photos and videos together.

One major thing that made Kenyans sure that they were no longer together was when Matubia flaunted her living room and curious fans noticed that she had pulled down Blessing’s photos.



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