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Lulu Hassan Explains Why She Prefers Extremely Long Outfits

Aside from the Islam religion, Lulu Hassan has other interesting reasons that drive her to wear extremely long outfits.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Lulu said that dressing the way she does is her choice and luxury but it surely earns her more respect.

“Kupenda kwangu na nikivaa hivi napata heshima zaidi. I think ni venye mtu anajibeba ndio brand kubwa kubwa zinataka kuwa associated na wewe. Sisemi ati nguo fupi ni kukosa heshima, hapana ni kila mtu na starehe zake. Mimi starehe yangu ni hii, I feel comfortable wearing this,” she said.

She also explained why there is no room for her to get annoyed at Rashid while onscreen because of their issues back at home.

“What people don’t understand is that most of the time we leave home together, we go to work together, we leave work together for all these year. There is no day I will leave him at home unless it is an emergency or maybe when he has gone somewhere. In most cases he goes with Hassan Mugambi but most of the time we go together and leave together,” she said.

At the same time Lulu also explained  why marriages nowadays don’t last saying they are not based on friendship.

“If you decide to tie the knot with your friend,  there are some things that you avoid for the marriage to last. But if you are my friend, there are things that you won’t do that will humiliate me. For such marriages, there is no love, respect, and friendship, they are known as marriages of conveniences. If you are not friends it will not work,” she said.

“I always tell people friendship is everything but what works for me might not work for you. I could say for me friendship works but maybe for others it would be worse if they are friends. I always tell people marriage has no manual,” she said.


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