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Justina Syokau Releases Touching Farewell Song For Brian Chira

Justina Syokau has dedicated a song for the late TikTok sensation Brian Chira and a section of Kenyans are saying it is a hit.

The 4 minutes 15 seconds song is titled  Safiri Salama Brian Chira. It was shared on YouTube on Friday evening,  garnering nearly 10,000 views within 10 hours.

In the song, Justina acknowledges that Chira was loved by many. She further asks God to comfort those who have been affected by his untimely death.

“Wana TikTok tunalia. Tumepoteza kijana mpambanaji Brian Chira. Kwa kweli tulikupenda lakini Mungu amekupenda zaidi,” she sings.

“Ni uchungu sana kusema rest in peace Brian Chira lakini sisi ni nani tupinge maamuzi ya Mungu. Tunakukumbuka vile ulikuwa unatumia slogan kama  ‘Kama wewe si pesa huwezinistress.’ Ulikuwa unatufurahisha sana,” she added.

Commenting on the song, some of those who came across it said it is the best song that Justina has ever done. Others hoped that the song would be played during his funeral.

“Weueh sina maoni lakini ikijaribu kuimbwa kwa mazishi watu watalia kama watoto,” read a comment on YouTube.

Chira will be buried on Tuesday March 26 at the home of his grandmother’s parents. This is because the family where his grandmother was married to did not want to be associated with his funeral.

“Penye shosho aliolewa walikataa mwili isiende huko and they don’t want to be associated with anything to do with the funeral so we will not ask why kwa programme kumekosa familia ingine, that is the information I was given kindly don’t ask me more” Baba Talisha revealed.

The grandmother also requested that he should be buried in a graduation gown because he was a bright student who scored an A- in his KCSE.

Kenyans have been making contributions towards Chira’s funeral and so far over 7 million has been raised. Another TikToker also said that he would cater fully for the funeral and money raised should be directed to his grandma’s well being.


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