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Diana Marua Recalls How She Managed To Date 2 Men Simultaneously Without Them Knowing 

During her appearance on the dating show she co-hosts with Dr. Ofweneke on Rembo TV, Diana Marua dropped a bombshell about her past romantic entanglements, revealing that she once juggled relationships with two men simultaneously – one in Kenya and another abroad.

In a candid moment, the content creator peeled back the layers of her past, recounting the intricacies of her dual relationships.

Diana disclosed how her Kenyan boyfriend was aware of her interactions with the overseas man via Skype, but remained unfazed due to the financial support he provided by covering their rent expenses.

With a mixture of humor and honesty, Bahati’s wife admitted to deceiving her Kenyan partner by falsely claiming that the man abroad was her ex-boyfriend, allowing her to maintain both relationships concurrently.

“Bahati should not hear this story. I was dating a man who was living abroad and, at the same time, having another relationship with another man in Kenya. So I would tell the Kenyan one that the one abroad was my ex and he would send us money to pay for our rent. So I told him to play cool,” she revealed.

Describing the surreal scenario of conversing with her overseas partner via Skype while her Kenyan boyfriend remained oblivious, Diana painted a picture of the complexities of her past romantic endeavors.

However, her confession left Dr. Ofweneke visibly taken aback, underscoring the unexpected nature of her revelation.

Diana Marua has in the past confessed that she used to sleep with men for money – she was literally a prostitute.

The video of Diana confessing she used to be a call girl was first uploaded online in October 2020 but it went viral again on November 18, 2022, as netizens wondered how many men Diana could have slept with.

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