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KRG Denies He Is Broke, Explains Why He Closed His Club Casa Vera Lounge

KRG the Don insists all is well even as Casa Vera Lounge along Ngong Road has ceased operations.

The rapper came out to address the closing of Casa Vera amid reports he had gone broke and couldn’t sustain operation at the lounge.

Speaking during an interview with 2 Mbili TV, KRG denied he was broke and went on to explain that Casa Vera was closed because business had gone down.

The musician-cum-businessman further regretted the decision to shut Casa Vera Lounge noting that the stuff depended on it to earn a living.

“Unaona biashara kidogo ni kama hakuna kitu inaendelea hapa. Leo ndo official date ya kufunga Casa Vera na hii najua ni habari mbaya kwa watu ambao wanafanya kazi hapa, watu ambao wanapenda kupata burudani hapa,” KRG said.

The rapper however claimed that the closure was just temporarily and that Casa Vera Lounge would open its doors again at an undisclosed date.

“From today we are not operating until further notice lakini permanently tunafunga kwa sababu tunataka kuboresha huduma zetu,” KRG said.

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