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Umeroga Huyo Mtoto! Vera Sidika Parades Big Nyash In A Bikini In Front Of Her Son

In Luhya culture, it is taboo for a mother to show her children her buttocks which Vera Sidika did.

Vera Sidika raised eyebrows while enjoying a vacation in Diani with her daughter Asia Brown and son Prince Icebrown.

The socialite treated her kids to a swimming pool adventure, with photos showcasing the family’s happiness as they played and cooled off in the refreshing water.

Dressed in cute swimwear, Vera, Asia, and Ice Brown looked adorable as they created lasting memories together.

The joyful experience extended to the baby pool, where the children had a blast under the watchful eye of their doting mother.

Vera Sidika ensured that her kids thoroughly enjoyed their vacation, even taking them on a TukTuk ride where they sang nursery rhymes and embraced the carefree moments.

In spite of everything Vera Sidika did for her two children, some netizens couldn’t help but notice the socialite’s utter disregard for African traditions.

The bootyful socialite went against African culture as she paraded her big booty in a tiny thong in front of her children.

Vera gladly left hectares of her giant buttocks dangling in front of her son, something that is completely a no no in African tradition.

The socialite, who is a Luhya, know the community’s tradition forbids a mother showing her children her buttocks as it is considered as cursing the offspring.

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