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Jackie Matubia Says Marriage Is Not A Scam Even After Being Dumped Twice

“I’m a single mother of two failed marriages, but don’t settle for less!” Jackie Matubia says.

Jackie Matubia recently opened up about her thoughts about love and marriage after experiencing two failed marriages. Despite the challenges she has faced in her romantic life, Matubia asserts that love is not a scam and remains a beautiful institution.

Matubia emphasized the importance of not settling for less in relationships however.

The actress, who takes pride in being a single mother of two now, expressed her dedication to focusing on her children and building a secure future for them.

“My focus right now is my babies and building an empire for them, at least how hawawezi kutoka… I’m so proud of being a single mother, and you should also be proud to be a single mother. You know the kind of peace that comes with being a single mother. Always be proud of whom you are… I’m a single mother of two failed marriages, and I will not let society look down on me,” Matubia says.

She further conveyed a message of empowerment to other single mothers, encouraging them to embrace their identity and not let societal judgments affect them.

Matubia believes in teaching her daughters that even if marriage doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mark the end of the world.

Matubia, known for her role as Jolene in the high-school drama “Tahidi High,” was previously married to pilot Kennedy Njogu, also known as Nyongz, for three years. The couple parted ways in March 2019 due to alleged infidelity on both sides.

She later on started a relationship with Blessing Lung’aho, her co-actor in the TV series “Zora,” and the couple welcomed a child together in 2022.


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