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Kinuthia To Undergo Another Cosmetic Procedure To Give Him More Feminine Look

In the ever-evolving world of social media, TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia is carving out a unique niche for himself, creating a stir with his embrace of female fashion despite being male.

Known for modeling women’s clothing, Kinuthia has been increasingly challenging traditional notions of beauty and gender.

Kinuthia recently announced a significant step in his transformation journey: the removal of his beard through laser hair removal.

In a candid Instagram story, he shared the difficulties he has faced in presenting a female appearance while being betrayed by his facial hair.

“Guys!!! Guys!!! Am super excited to announce to you that finally starting my laser hair removal journey. I have really struggled with my beards. Am so so happy,” Kinuthia wrote.

Adding that; “Join me as I take you through my laser hair removal journey with the best in the game.”

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Labeling it as a “new journey,” Kinuthia invited his followers to join him as he embarks on this transformative process.

He emphasized that this step is crucial for him to fully embrace his desired feminine look, aiming to eliminate any physical indications of his male gender.

This bold move by Kinuthia not only highlights his dedication to his personal identity but also reflects a broader cultural shift towards accepting and celebrating diverse expressions of beauty.

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