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Karen Nyamu: All My Children Study At International Schools And Samidoh Is The One Paying The Fees 

Karen Nyamu opened up about Samidoh paying school fees for their children at international during the launch of the reality TV show ‘The Bahatis Empire’ on June 6, 2024.

She delivered a speech emphasizing the significant opportunities the creative industry provides for financial empowerment.

The nominated senator illustrated this point by referencing her baby daddy Samidoh who funds their children’s education at prestigious international schools through his earnings from creativity.

“My children are in international schools, and their tuition is covered by the fruits of creativity. You all know the father of my children, and it’s through his creative work that he can afford the best schools in the country,” she remarked.

For the Senator, this anecdote underscored the vast potential within the Kenyan entertainment industry for success and prosperity.

She encouraged creatives to seize these opportunities, emphasizing that they could become national heroes through their craft.

“You have great potential. You are the ones who can be the heroes of this country. We can all aspire to that level because of the kind of money you can make,” he added, inspiring the audience.

Karen Nyamu also praised comedian Eddie Butita, calling him an industry leader worth emulating.

She advised artists to maintain focus and perseverance, especially when engaging with political and business leaders.

“Don’t just go there to laugh with the President and our leaders. You have an agenda, don’t forget it, and keep pushing until everything is accomplished because you have motivated leaders that you should use,” she urged.

Karen Nyamu Samidoh children

The event saw many notable occurrences and underscored the importance of the creative sector in Kenya’s economy.

Karen Nyamu’s speech served as a rallying call for artists to harness their talents and drive the industry forward.

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