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Bahati Explains Why He Is Attracted To Older Women 

In a revealing episode of their Netflix reality show ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ singer Bahati shared the unique attributes he sought in a wife and recounted his challenging early years.

Interestingly, Bahati admitted that he preferred a wife who was older than him.

“Two things were crucial for me. First, she had to be saved. Secondly, she had to be older than me. To be honest, I love my women older,” he said with a smile.

Bahati also delved into the heart-rending story of his upbringing.

“I lost my mom when I was just 7 years old. After her death, my dad remarried and relocated, leaving me at ABC Kenya Children’s Home. I grew up there, and when I was in eighth grade, I received a call. It was to inform me of my dad’s death, even though I hadn’t seen him for years,” Bahati shared, his voice filled with emotion.

Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, are known for their candidness about their marriage.

They often discuss aspects of their relationship that many couples might shy away from, which has garnered both admiration and curiosity from their audience.

Their willingness to be open about their lives provides a deep and relatable insight into their personal experiences, resonating with many viewers.

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