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Kenyans Tell Off Kanjo Lady Ntazola Gloria After Saying She Doesn’t Listen To Kenyan Music

“Anaongea takataka aje ama yeye ni kanjo?” Terence Creative shoots at Ntazola Gloria.

Gloria Ntazola, popularly known as the “Kanjo lady,” has stirred up controversy after claiming she doesn’t listen to Kenyan music, particularly dismissing the popular Gengetone genre. The viral Gloria, took to social media to express her dislike for Gengetone, saying that it lacks content, and she refuses to waste her time on it.

Ntazola went further to criticize Gengetone artists, accusing them of not investing in their music. According to her, the genre’s musicians are lazy and fail to dedicate sufficient effort to their craft.

In her words she says, “I don’t listen to Kenyan music because there is nothing to listen to. With my beautiful face, I should listen to Gengetone? No, hell no. Very lazy musicians can’t invest in their art. Let’s stick to running. Heri niskize nyimbo za Waluhya kuliko Gengetone.”

The statement sparked a flurry of reactions from both fans and fellow celebrities. Terence Creative, a well-known content creator, couldn’t help but mock Ntazola’s comments, saying she’s talking nonsense. Nebulazzkenya humorously extended the critique, implying that Ntazola might even replace the term “Gengetone” with her own creative twist, “NgengeThong.”

Some users suggested that the unexpected fame Ntazola received might have gone to her head, comparing her to prime Nicki Minaj. However, others supported her perspective, agreeing that Gengetone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, witha fan named Grace Kay expressing solidarity with her choice.

While opinions on Gengetone and Kenyan music vary, her comments have ignited a lively debate about the diversity of Kenya’s music scene, the varying tastes within its audience and the hate love relationship that artists always blame for foreigners cashing in while our stars struggle to make money off their talents.


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