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Mungai Eve Parades Her Rosecoco Leaving Kenyan Men Thirsty After Break Up Rumors

“Wah rosecoco is rocking! Hallo Mungai Eve uko soko side gani?” Thirsty netizens ask.

Netizens have flooded the social media pages of Kenyan personalities Mungai Eve and Trevor following the deletion of all pictures featuring each other. The move has ignited a flurry of speculation about a possible breakup between the once seemingly happy couple.

Trevor initiated the digital cleanse by removing all traces of Mungai Eve from his social media accounts, and in response, Mungai Eve mirrored the action, leaving only a countable number of their once blissful moments together.

This drastic move has left their followers buzzing with curiosity and fueled rumors of a potential split.

Social media gossip alleges that Trevor was allegedly seen with another woman at Christina Shushoā€™s Shuva Nyavu concert on the last day of the year at Garden City Mall. The alleged sighting has left fans bewildered and searching for answers, especially after he revealed plans to adopt a baby boy this year.

In the midst of the breakup rumors, Trevor took to his Instagram stories to share plans about adopting a baby boy this year. Fans were quick to question why yet Mungai Eve could give him a child.

A viral video further intensified the speculation, as some users commented on Mungai Eve’s attire, claiming they could only focus on what appeared to be intentional visibility of her camel toe. The video has led netizens to speculate about whether Mungai Eve is already seeking a new relationship.

As the online drama unfolds, neither Mungai Eve nor Trevor has made any public statements regarding the alleged breakup.

The cryptic online behavior and the whispers continue to keep their fans on edge, eagerly awaiting confirmation or denial of the rumors surrounding the status of their relationship.


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