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“Kimeumana!” Director Trevor Deletes All Photos Of His Girlfriend Mungai Eve

Trevor has deleted all pictures featuring his girlfriend, Mungai Eve. Not to be outdone, Mungai Eve also followed suit, leaving only a handful of pictures that once celebrated their seemingly happy relationship.

The sudden digital cleanse has sparked a frenzy of speculation among their followers, prompting rumors of a possible breakup.

Adding fuel to the fire, whispers in the social media grapevine suggest that Trevor was allegedly spotted with another woman on the last day of the year, at Christina Shusho’s Shuva Nyavu concert on 31st at Garden City Mall.

The alleged incident has left fans bewildered, trying to make sense of the cryptic online behavior and the potential infidelity that now shadows the once-envied couple.

Via his Instagram stories, Trevor said he plans to adopt a baby boy this year.

The decision to erase memories from their social media platforms speaks volumes in the age of digital relationships, where every picture and post can be a testament to a couple’s happiness.

Trevor and Mungai Eve, who are viewed as the epitome of relationship goals by some netizens for having started together from the bottom, now find themselves at the center of an online break up assumption following these changes.

While neither party has officially confirmed or denied the rumors, the actions on social media have ignited debates among netiznes.

Some argue that the couple is entitled to keep their personal lives private, while others believe that their fame comes with a certain level of responsibility to their fans.

Fans are now just anxiously waiting for an official statement or clarification from Trevor and Mungai Eve.


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