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“Na Haijaamka!” Kenyan Ladies Go Wild After Seeing MP Peter Salasya ‘s Big Mjulus

“Weuh, hiyo ni rungu? Doshi inakaa tamu! Nimeona,sijaskia kile amesema!” Ladies comment on viral video of MP Peter Salasya.

In a recent social media post, Mumias East MP Salasya proudly shared his academic success, displaying his degree certificate with the notable mention of second-class honors.

While bragging off his accomplishments, it appears that netizens couldn’t help but divert their attention to something else, a peculiar bulge in his trousers.

Supporters and well-wishers congratulated him on his academic accomplishment, praising the dedication it takes to earn a degree.

The internet being the breeding ground for humor, some netizens quickly shifted the focus to a seemingly unrelated detail, his manhood bulge protruding off the trousers.

Social media platforms buzzed with comments, memes, and playful thoughts about the unexpected detail.


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