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Shock As Akothee Reveals Mr Omosh Was Only A Video Vixen In Her Life

“It was a video shoot, not a wedding. Omosh was a video vixen!” Akothee now says.

Akothee has once again left fans in disbelief as she disclosed the shocking truth about her marriage to Swiss man Denis Schweizer, whom she affectionately nicknamed Mr. Omosh. The revelation comes months after their seemingly extravagant wedding ended abruptly.

Akothee in a viral post accompanied by her former manager and boyfriend, Nelly Oaks, spilled the beans on her past relationship.

Contrary to public perception, Akothee clarified that Mr. Omosh was never her romantic partner. Their April wedding ceremony was a staged video shoot, where the Swiss man played the role of a video vixen.

A concerned follower, unaware of the truth, questioned Akothee about the status of her marriage, to which she candidly responded, “That was a video shoot where he was a video vixen; it’s on YouTube.”

Many others echoed similar sentiments, prompting Akothee to reiterate that what appeared to be a lavish wedding was, in fact, a meticulously orchestrated video shoot.

“I exited the relationship in June. Usually, I exit my relationships while still in them. During our honeymoon, I discovered some things that I couldn’t tolerate,” Akothee revealed. Despite giving reassurances of love, she had emotionally moved on by the time she left Switzerland in July.

“My head swells when he’s around, as you know if you know @nellyoaks. He came to my room, see my suite; oh, the Valentine’s gifts arrived too early,” shared Akothee, hinting at her connection with Nelly Oaks.


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