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“Sio Wetu Ni Wangu Sasa!” Karen Nyamu Claims Samidoh Belongs To Her Alone Now

“Mimi ndio main chick!” Karen Nyamu says Samidoh is completely her man as he’s no longer in a romantic relationship with ex-wife Edday Nderitu.

Karen Nyamu claims that Mugithi sensation Samidoh is solely her man, dispelling any thoughts of a lingering romantic relationship with his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu.

Addressing recent speculations, Nyamu clarified that Edday Nderitu is only seeing Samidoh because he shares a family bond brought by the three children they share.

Karen said this in response to a Facebook post featuring a photo of her working out in a gym. A fan suggested in a comment that Nyamu was hitting the gym to cope with heartbreak, presumably because Samidoh is currently in the USA spending time with Edday Nderitu and their children while Nyamu remains in Kenya.

Nyamu promptly responded, dismissing any concerns about Samidoh’s relationship with his estranged wife, asserting that Edday is simply his family, and she is unbothered by their time together.

Nyamu confidently said, “hahaha utafanya mtu athani my my man is cheating yawa kumbe ako tu na family 😂”. (laughs, you’d make someone think my man is cheating, yet he just has a family).

This response clearly showed Nyamu’s claim on Samidoh as her own man, marking a departure from her previous position of being comfortable as a side chick while acknowledging Edday Nderitu as the official wife.

The public acknowledgment of Samidoh as her man indicates a shift in Nyamu’s stance and suggests a newfound confidence in her role in his life.

Edday said she would not share Samidoh with Karen and it seems, the senator has won as she claims to be the main chick now.karen nyamu


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