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KCB Football Club Facebook Page Flooded With Explicit Content After Being Hacked

KCB football club has lost control of their official Facebook page to hackers.

The page, boasting of 38k followers, is now flooded with raunchy posts dubbed hot girls since Wednesday.

KCB football club has since distanced itself from the explicit posts saying they are working to resolve the issue.

“We regret to inform our loyal fanbase that our official Facebook page  @KCBFootballClub has unfortunately been compromised. We are working to resolve the issue. In the meantime we are asking our fans to ignore the subsequent  posts on the page,” the club said in a statement.

A section of Kenyans however blamed the Admin of the page accusing them of clicking malicious links.

In the recent days, hacking of social media accounts, especially Facebook and WhatsApp have become rampant.

According to a reports, hackers target Facebook account for monetary reasons and to also access personal data.

Facebook however issued several guidelines to keep the accounts safe and they include; Not sharing passwords and log in details with anyone.

Aside from that, Facebook advises its users to use passwords that are difficult to guess and things like common words and names should highly be disregarded.

The password should also not be used in any other online platform.

Facebook further advises users to always check the URL before entering log in details.

Scammers may create fake websites that look like Facebook and ask you to log in with your email and password,” the social media platform warns.

The App also urges users to log out of their accounts when sharing computers.

“Never click suspicious links, even if they appear to come from a friend or a company you know,” Facebook further states on the security guidelines.

Further more, users are encourage to be on the lookout for malicious softwares and use extra security options like setting up two-factor authentication.




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