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“Ngono Kante” Netizens Give Akothee Wild Nicknames As She Plays Football In Booty Shorts

“Ngono Kante, Divorce Origi, Nemanja matit, Winner wa mb*ro n Dior!” Akothee gasses up herself saying, “Call me the table shaker. I am always trending because I shake tables everywhere!”

Kenyan singer and businesswoman, Akothee, is no stranger to making bold statements and embracing her larger-than-life persona.

In her recent social media post, Akothee has once again stirred up a storm by declaring herself the ultimate superstar in Kenya. While some internet users celebrated her confidence and success, others took the opportunity to poke fun at her.

Akothee’s self-proclaimed title as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) is a testament to her unyielding self-belief. In her own words she says, “My competition is with my failures. I make sure I correct what I must have lost.”

“When you hear anyone mention AKOTHEE or comparing themselves , Just know I am their Role model ,the rare Benchmark,The real definition of SUCCESS.they even know things about me ,yet I don’t know them 🤣🤣🤣
😂😂😂😂My competition is with my failures ,I make sure I correct what I must have lost 💪
If you hear Them mention AKOTHEE Just TYPE, THE GOAT😂😂.”

Her bold and unapologetic attitude has made her a force to be reckoned with in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

In the social media post, Akothee also questions the relevance of those who seek fame, followers, and attention through manufactured content. She challenged their popularity by suggesting that if they were to document their own lives using their names, no one would pay them any attention. Akothee continues to boast saying she is a big name known countrywide.

Akothee vs Andrew Kibe“Just The NAME AKOTHEE is content enough to give you two minutes of fame 😂😂😂. AKOTHEE is your Inspiration,but your jealousy won’t allow you give credit. AKOTHEE is A moving museum, The Only Celeb who can’t shop in a supermarket here in kenya 🤣🤣 or drop at CBD 💃!”

As expected, Akothee’s provocative post elicited a range of responses from netizens. Supporters of the singer flooded the comments section, showering her with praise and admiration. Many of her fans have lauded her fearlessness, resilience, and unapologetic approach to life.

On the other hand, critics took the opportunity to make light of Akothee’s statements and even mock her outfit in the accompanying photo. Sporting a white top with matching booty shorts and headphones while playing football, she presented an image that some found amusing.

A section of netizens have coined new nicknames for her like “Ngono Kante,” in addition to her well-known moniker, Madam Boss.

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