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“Karibu Niuliwe!” Magix Enga Claims He Was Beaten Badly By Goons

Magix Enga says, “Karibu niuliwe na h@ter hapa kwa streets, God ako na mimi” after goons beat him ruthlessly.

Magix Enga, once a rising star producer, finds himself grappling with the harsh reality of a fall from grace. The recent revelation of his battle with depression sheds light on the tumultuous journey the gifted producer has undertaken.

“Karibu niuliwe na hater Hapa kwa streets God ako na mimi, tomorrow is another day we give thanks!” Magix Enga declares, showcasing a resilient spirit in the face of adversity. His acknowledgment of the challenges he faces in the public eye reflects the struggles that have marred his once-promising career.

Months ago, it became evident that Magix Enga’s decline could be traced back to a series of ill-conceived publicity stunts.

While at the top of his career, he made a habit of staging controversies that, instead of elevating his status, alienated potential clients.

The fallout from these stunts resulted in a loss of credibility, and once-loyal associates and collaborators began to distance themselves from the embattled producer.

The consequences of Magix Enga’s choices are apparent as he now struggles with a diminished public image and a fading career.

The flamboyant mannerisms that were once his trademark have given way to a subdued presence, a mere shadow of his former self.

In a sad event, Magix claims some haters attacked him in the streets for no reason. He did not however reveal where the attack happened but shared photo showing his swollen face and lips.


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