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Natalie, Crazy Kennar’s Girlfriend Mourns The Sad Death Of Their Newborn Baby

In the aftermath of comedian Crazy Kennar’s heartbreaking revelation about the loss of their unborn baby, his partner Natalie Asewe has now come forward to share their experience of grief.

During his show at KICC titled “Happy Country” on December 16, 2023, Kennar somberly announced that his son had passed away just four days before the event.

In the midst of delivering laughter, he faced the profound pain of mourning his unborn child. Acknowledging the difficulty of the situation, Kennar expressed the challenge of having to navigate the emotional journey of loss while simultaneously fulfilling his professional commitments.

In a heartfelt tribute, she opened up about the profound loss they had endured as a family.

Natalie, the longtime girlfriend of comedian Crazy Kennar, took to Instagram to share the pain of mourning the loss of their newborn baby.

In an emotional post, she challenged the commonly held belief that childbirth is the greatest pain one can endure, saying that the true agony lies in carrying and delivering a child only to be deprived of the chance to raise him.

“I don’t just grieve my son,” she writes, “I mourn never getting the chance to hear him cry, to hear him speak, teach him to walk and see him grow.”

Each passing day brings forth a sad reminder of the milestones and precious moments that will forever remain unfulfilled.

Her words communicated the essence of a love cut short, a future marred by the profound absence of a child who was, in her eyes, perfect in every way.

“You were perfect in every way, too beautiful for this earth.” Natalie says via Instagram.


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