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“Acha Kuonyesha Watu Ngotha!” Robert Alai Tells Karen Nyamu After Viral Video Is Leaked

A video of Karen Nyamu where her underwear can be seen is going viral.

In a recent online video that circulated widely, controversial politician Karen Nyamu found herself in the spotlight once again.

This time, it was not for her political views or public engagements, but rather for a video where she was interacting with youths in Umoja.

However, what caught the attention of many including Robert Alai was the inappropriate display of her undergarments as she walked back to a car.

Renowned political commentator and MCA, Robert Alai, wasted no time in expressing his disapproval of Nyamu’s unintentional exposure.

In a tweet that quickly gained traction, Alai urged Nyamu to refrain from such public displays, emphasizing the need for private garments and body parts to remain just that – private.

“Stop showing people your undergarments!” Alai tweeted.

The video was posted by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi where youths in Umoja claimed she was standing in their way to establish a business.

In a society that still upholds and is concerned with issues of morality and public decorum, public figures, particularly politicians, are held to higher standards.karen nyamu robert alai


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