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Karen Nyamu Replies To Fans Blaming Her For Samidoh’s Separation With Eddy’s Children

“Karen Nyamu I don’t like your behavior! Please make sure Samidoh will not separate with kids from Edday’s family!” A fan says.

Karen Nyamu is no stranger to the public spotlight, especially when it comes to the dynamics of her relationship with musician Samidoh who netizens believe was snatched from his legal wife Edday Nderitu. Recently, she took to her Facebook page to share a heartwarming video featuring her daughter hugging her son.

However, one follower seized the opportunity to express concern about the parental relationship between Samidoh and Eddy’s children, urging Karen to ensure that Samidoh remains connected to them despite any personal differences.

The comment resonated with many, given the public interest in the complex relationships involving Karen, Samidoh, and Samidoh’s first wife, Eddy’s children.

In response to the follower’s comment, Karen Nyamu was quick to address the concerns, saying that Samidoh is not separated from Eddy’s children. She clarified that despite the ongoing drama and threats from Eddy, Samidoh still maintains contact with the children.

“Samidoh is not separated with Eddy’s children” Karen Nyamu says meaning he still gets to talk to them even as Edday threatens to end that luxury after he took Karen Nyamu to their matrimonial home in Nyandarua.karen nyamu


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