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Karen Nyamu Admits She’s Secretly Attracted To Young Married Men

Karen Nyamu says her type in a man is one who is married or in a relationship and younger.

Karen Nyamu sparked new discussions when she openly admitted her secret attraction to young married men.

This revelation came through her Instagram stories, where she responded to a meme inquiring about red flags one might be secretly drawn to.

Nyamu’s response, which caught the attention of many, revealed her attraction to men who are either married, in a relationship, or younger. This admission shed light on her past actions, particularly her involvement with Samidoh, a popular Mugithi musician, who was married when their relationship began.

Nyamu and Samidoh’s affair, which started discreetly, raised eyebrows due to the musician’s marital status at the time. Despite Nyamu’s claims that Samidoh did not communicate his marital status to her, the revelation stirred controversy and drew criticism from various quarters.

Adding to the complexity of their relationship, Samidoh is not only married but also younger than Nyamu. Despite these factors, the two have children together, further complicating the situation.

The fallout from their affair has had significant repercussions, particularly for Samidoh’s legal wife, Edday Nderitu. Nderitu relocated to the US with her three children, citing mental health concerns as a result of the affair between her husband and Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu


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