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“Alikua Na Utoto Mob!” Mungai Eve Says Director Trevor Was An Immature Man

Mungai Eve wonders why Trevor lied that they broke up in 2023.

In a recent interview with Andrew Kibe on her new YouTube channel, Mungai Eve addressed allegations made by Director Trevor regarding the end of their relationship. Contrary to Trevor’s claims that they broke up in 2023, Mungai Eve denied this claim, revealing that their relationship did not end as he suggested.

During the interview, Mungai Eve expressed surprise and confusion at Trevor’s statement, questioning why he would make such a claim. She emphasized that they were still together beyond the period mentioned by Trevor, indicating a discrepancy between their accounts of the breakup timeline.

Mungai Eve openly discussed her perception of Trevor’s behavior, describing him as immature. She highlighted instances where she felt his actions reflected this immaturity, including his spending habits. These observations, she stated, reaffirmed her belief that Trevor had not matured as she had hoped.

The interview with Andrew Kibe provided Mungai Eve with a platform to address the allegations and share part her side of the story. By speaking out, she aimed to set the record straight and refute any false claims made by Trevor regarding their relationship.

Mungai Eve’s decision to address the issue publicly reveals the importance of open communication and transparency, particularly in matters concerning personal relationships.

Netizens also praised her willingness to confront her nemesis Andrew Kibe who was always attacking their relationship.


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