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Carol Katrue Reveals What She Is Suffering From That Caused Her To Be Hospitalized

Carol Katrue was recently hospitalized shortly after her partner Miracle Baby underwent a third Surgery.

After being discharged from the hospital, Katrue said that she is now okay health-wise even though she is still on drugs.

Katrue announced that she is battling with two health conditions, ulcers and H. pylori.

“We are inn, now you can send greetings. Guys am good now it was just ulcers and hpyroli but am on drugs guys” Katrue wrote.

The mother of one said this when she was hosting her Mugithi show at Githima TV together with her music band.


Carol felt sick at the same time when her partner Miracle Baby was still in the hospital battling with intestines infection which has led him to undergo three stomach surgeries.

Katrue shared photos and videos on social media while in hospital receiving treatment.

In one of the videos, she had a drip on her hand.

She also seemed to be in pain, unlike her normal cheerful self.

Katrue however did not reveal the cause of her illness at that time.

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