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“I Couldn’t Sleep” Karen Nyamu Admits Mbappé Is Giving Her Sleepless Nights After Breaking Up With Samidoh

Karen Nyamu now has a serious crush on French striker Kylian Mbappé after breaking up with her baby daddy Samidoh.

Nyamu on December 19, 2022, indicated in a post on Facebook that she was leaving Kenya for France to meet Mbappé because she couldn’t handle her feeling anymore.

“Tuna enda France! Last night i couldn’t sleep, that boy Mbappe. Ati ako na miaka ngapi, haithuru mimi niko na mingi nitamuongezea😂 #Mbappé,” Karen Nyamu wrote.

Her confession comes shortly after she announced that she had broken up with Samidoh forever following the drama in Dubai.

“Great and powerful women will attest that many times our weakest link is the men we get involved with. I am stopping the pattern. I have made a conscious decision to end for good my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex-Samidoh Muchoki.

“I know I could have called him and ended it quietly but I decided to make this as public as the drama and controversy have been. This had become a concern, especially with the position I hold as a member of the 4th senate,” Nyamu wrote.

At the same time, the first-time senator also affirmed that she was not embarrassed by what happened in Dubai.

“You know guys I have no regrets from last night, I don’t wish I did things any differently. I however promise you that it is the last time your girl will ever be involved in a situation like that ever again.

“I am very fortunate to be bestowed upon me the honour and responsibility of leadership in the country. To be a people’s representative in parliament is an opportunity I treasure and take very seriously, she wrote.

Before announcing she had broken up with Samidoh for good, Nyamu had vowed not to dump her baby daddy since they had young children to raise.

“Unaamka na mtu alafu jioni drama. Mniombee juu staki drama 2023. Wenye wanasema nilichoma ni juu ya pombe. I was having fun on stage but next year nitaacha, lakini siachi Samidoh, kitu nitaacha ni pombe na drama. Lazima tulee watoto,” she said.

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