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“Si Ulikula Cousin Yako?” Netizens Tell Off Kabi Wa Jesus After Saying He Can’t Cheat On His Wife

“Mimi siezi cheat on my wife, I can’t flirt with a girl, dame akinikatia namblock!” Kabi Wa Jesus says.

Popular content creator Kabi Wa Jesus recently talked about his loyalty to his wife Milly Wa Jesus.

When Kabi Wa Jesus spoke to Oga Obinna, he said he’s very loyal and nothing can make him cheat on his wife. He also mentioned that he blocks any girl who tries to hit on him, showing his commitment to his marriage.

However, netizens have different opinions about his loyalty. Some say that because Kabi Wa Jesus was accused to having a relationship with a cousin before, he might not be as strong in his loyalty as he claims. They believe that given the chance, anyone can change their behavior, even if they’ve made promises in the past.

Some people think that past mistakes can show what a person might do in the future, while others believe that people can change if they truly want to.

Kabi Wa Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus, also known as the Wa Jesus Family, are a popular Kenyan couple and content creators who have gained widespread recognition for their family-oriented skits.

One of the key themes in their content is their commitment to their Christian faith and values, which they incorporate into their videos and interactions with their audience. They openly share about their journey as a married couple, including their joys, struggles, and lessons learned along the way.

Since it emerged that Kabi slept with his cousin, netizens have always looked at him with a third eye.


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