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Funeral Details: Why TikTor Star Brian Chira Will Be Buried In A Graduation Gown

Some members of his family have refused to take part in Brian Chira Wambui’s burial. Only his grandmother and aunt are fully involved.

The late TikTok star Brian Chira, whose passing has saddened many fans, will be laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.

The final send-off ceremony will take place at Kiarie, Githunguri, where his grandmother resides, as it offers ample space to accommodate all friends, family, and fans who wish to pay their respects.

Brian Chira will be laid to rest where his grandmother comes from; because where she was married, the family doesn’t want to be involved in the burial.

Brian Chira’s body will be available for viewing at the KU funeral home starting at 6 am before the burial proceedings commence.

Fans are still asking for the autopsy report to ascertain what caused his demise.

Attendees, including fans and friends, are expected to arrange their own transportation to and from the burial ceremony.

A candle lighting ceremony, organized by friends and fans, will be held at a venue of their choosing to remember and celebrate Brian’s life and legacy.

In a touching tribute, Brian Chira will be laid to rest wearing a graduation gown, symbolizing his academic achievements as a bright student who earned an impressive A- grade. This request honors his grandmother’s wishes.

KRG The Don has generously offered to take care of the funeral home expenses, easing the financial burden on the family during this difficult time.

To support the family and honor Brian Chira’s memory, an M-Changa paybill will be provided for donations, with details directed to Chira’s grandmother.


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