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Justina Syokau Now Looking For A 25-Year-Old Billionaire To Wife Her After Ringtone’s Blueticks

“Niko soko! Ready to get married before 2024,” Gospel singer Justina Syokau says.

Gospel artist Justina Syokau is making headlines again, and this time it’s not about her music but her adventurous journey in the pursuit of love.

After publicly confessing her feelings for fellow singer Ringtone Apoko and facing rejection, Syokau has set her sights on a new romantic endeavor, she’s now on the lookout for a 25-year-old billionaire to be her life partner.

Despite the setback with Ringtone, Justina Syokau remains optimistic in her quest for companionship and marital life with someone special.

Turning her attention towards a new criteria, the gospel sensation is now seeking not only love but also financial stability in the arms of a young billionaire.

As usual, Syokau has laid out the qualities she desires in her prospective life partner.

Topping the list is a man with deep pockets, indicating her preference for a financially well-off suitor.

She also emphasized the importance of energy and prowess in the bedroom, as she desires for both financial and physical compatibility.

Even with often expressions of love and interest, Ringtone Apoko has yet to acknowledge or respond to her advances.justina syokau


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