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Billnass Digs Deep Into His Pockets To Fly Nandy On Private Jet As She Celebrates 31st Birthday

Billnass tried best to spoil his richer wife Nandy who bought him a Range Rover early this year.

The Tanzanian rapper hired a private jet to fly his wife to a ritzy destination to celebrate her 31st birthday.

In a video seen by, the celebrity couple was seen popping champagne and cutting a birthday cake to celebrate the day inside the private jet with friends and family cheering as they flew to an undisclosed location.

Billnass also penned a heartwarming message in which she showered Nandy with love, noting that he would still choose to do life with her if given another chance to do it all over again.

ā€œNapaswa Kumshukuru Mungu, Kwa Kunipa Mke na Rafiki ndani ya Nafsi Moja, Nakupenda sana Mke wanguā€¦Hata Dunia ingeanza upya kesho bado ningetafuta Nafasi ya kukuoa!! Una kila sababu ya kunifanya Nikupende,ā€ Billnass wrote.

He also hailed his wife as the source of his happiness adding that he has a lot to share with the world on Nandyā€™s amazing love.

ā€œTabasam Langu na Furaha yangu ya Kila siku hutengenezwa na weweā€¦ Heri ya Siku ya Kuzaliwa Mama @naya_bill Nina Mengi ya Kusimulia Ulimwengu Kuhusu upendo wangu kwakoā€¦ila Kwa leo wacha niseme Beki zangu Kwako Hazikabi kabisaā€¦Nakupenda Mpaka Nakupenda tena ā¤ļø Happy Birthday šŸŽ‚ @officialnandy,ā€ he wrote.

Nandy responded to the message, professing her love for Billnass in a post that read ā€œAaaaaaaaaaaaaw šŸ˜µā€šŸ’« nakupenda MUME WANGU sana sana sana sana MUNGU atutunze šŸ˜ @billnassā€.


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Billnass opted to go big on his wife’s 31st birthday as NandyĀ spent millions to spoil him his birthday early this year.

The mother of one dug deep into her purse to buy Billnass a multimillion shilling Range Rover as he celebrated his birthday on April 11, 2023.

Billnass was blindfolded with a piece of cloth and led to where the SUV was parked.

He met a surprise gift where in front of him he saw a gray Range Rover car wrapped in a ribbon of maroon flowers.

With unrepentant joy, Billnass jumped to his wife Nandy and gave her a hug as a way of showing gratitude for the unexpected gift.

Nandy wrote a sweet message to Billnass assuring him of her undying love while also assuring him that he will always work with him to chase after money.

ā€œNAKUPENDA ā¤ļø @billnass NO MARA WAAAAAA MSHKAJI WANGU LETS SECURE THE BAG šŸ’øšŸ’øšŸ’øā€ Nandy wrote.


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Billnass and Nandy got married in a traditional wedding in February 2022 but on March 22nd the sultry singer announced she was heartbroken by him and they briefly parted ways.

However, the celebrity couple got back together and even got married in a white wedding in July 2022.

Before they got back together, Nandy took to Instagram Live on April 4th to engage her fans to share their heartbreak stories only to be met by a man who showed her a huge mjulus which was ready to strike in a short moment notice.

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