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“Washenzi!” Celebs React As DCI Arrests 4 In The 94.9 Million Wells Fargo Heist

“Wako chini sana unafanya nini kasarani na pesa kwa suitcase?” KRG the Don asks after Wells Fargo money is recovered.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have made a positive effort in the pursuit of Ksh.94.9 million, allegedly stolen by employees of Wells Fargo company.

The money from Quickmart Supermarket and in transit to Family Bank, were at the center of a complex crime that has now resulted in the recovery of Ksh.9.1 million and the arrest of four individuals.

The DCI, in a statement released on Sunday, disclosed the successful arrest of Ismael Patrick Gitonga, the owner and driver of the vehicle suspected to have been involved in transporting the stolen cash.

Gitonga’s motor vehicle, registered as KBM 751W Fielder, was traced to Njiru within the Kayole area, where two additional suspects, Michael Matolo Njeru and Samwel Onyango, were caught in the act of modifying the vehicle, potentially to conceal its identity.

Further breakthroughs happened in Kasarani, where Martin Nderi Nganga was found in possession of Ksh.9.1 million at his rented residence. The recovered funds were concealed in a suitcase and a plastic jerrycan, as depicted in photos shared by the DCI.

A cashbox was also discovered in a forest adjacent to Gataka market in Karen.

Efforts to trace, arrest, and recover the remaining stolen cash are actively underway, with the case now before the court as the Regional Criminal Investigations Office Nairobi continues its thorough investigations.

The heist allegedly involved Wells Fargo employees Daniel Mungai Mugetha, the crew commander, and driver Anthony Nduiki Waigumo. The duo purportedly executed their plan by driving the mission vehicle from the company’s Nairobi offices at 6 am on Monday, immediately after loading the money box. They left behind the police escort car, which was awaiting clearance for departure.

The truck, en route to deposit the funds at a bank on Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi, was later discovered abandoned at Dafarm in South C, Nairobi. Following the abandonment, Mugetha and Waigumo reportedly evaded capture and sought refuge in undisclosed locations.


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