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Jeff Mwathi’s Last Words To His Mother Before His Death At DJ Fatxo’s House

Jeff Mwathi’s mother says Jeff called her, at the very moment he died at Dj Fatxo’s house.

The narrative surrounding Jeff Mwathi, the interior designer who died at Dj Fatxo’s apartment, has taken a fresh turn as the DCI team declared Dj Fatxo innocent, affirming that he is not responsible for the young man’s death.

Jeff Mwathi’s family received the development which has been devastating as they remain uninformed about the identity of their beloved’s killer. They believed that justice had not been served, leading Mama Jeff to take to social media and disclose information in an attempt to establish that Jeff was murdered in Dj Fatxo’s residence.

During a live TikTok session, Jeff Mwathi’s mother revealed that Jeff had contacted her while he was being killed. Unfortunately, the phone connection was poor due to the VPN she was using.

She tearfully recounted that the final word she heard from Jeff was the tender sound of him calling out, “Mum.” The heaviness in his voice conveyed a sense of distress and unease, indicating that something terribly amiss and out of the ordinary was happening.

With a trembling voice filled with anguish, she expressed her deep regret, sharing that she was unable to save her beloved son due to the hindrance caused by the VPN.

To this day, she has resentment towards VPN technology.

Tears welling up in her eyes, Jeff’s mother emotionally wishes she could do anything to help, contemplating the what-ifs, suggesting that had the phone connected, just maybe, she could have intervened in time to rescue her precious child.

The weight of that missed opportunity lingers heavily in her heart, forever haunting her soul.

DJ Fatxo and Jeff Mwathi

She insists and says her son was murdered at DJ Fatxo’s house and someone should be held responsible and accountable for his death.

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