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Amber Ray Shocks Fans With Epic Dance Moves Days After Giving Birth(Video)

“Si uzi yenye ilishonwa hapo chini itararuka jameni..” an Instagram user could not believe seeing Amber Ray shaking what her mama gave her barely 2 weeks after giving birth.

The mother of two took to Instagram to share a video of herself dancing unapologetically to Zuchu’s song Nani.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but Don’t miss any stage of your life pretending to be mature.You are the ones that give us problems in future,” she captioned the video.


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The video also attracted the attention of her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo who said he can’t wait for her to get back in shape so that he can get her pregnant again.

“I’m patiently waiting for that summer body “I play like me again,” Rapudo commented on the video and she told him, “Shindwe”.

Several fans however wondered how she was able to pull such energy just days after delivery. One of them was scared that she would get injured again.

“Why am I feeling the pain.. Na si mimi na dance, Si uzi yenye ilishonwa hapo chini itararuka jameni..,” the netizen wrote.

Another claimed that her suggestive dance moves would see her get pregnant again.

“Amber ukiendelea hivi utatiwa mimba ingine juu wueh🔥”

Several other went ahead to suggest that the secret was to get pregnant for a rich man.

“Eiish🔥🔥siri ingine ya kuzaa na tajiri….rosikokoo anakauka papo hapo ukishazaa…otherwise huezinengua kama amberay ju nursing diaper itaanguka,” a netizen said.

“Eeeiy 🔥🔥saa hii huko ushago mama amezaa one week ako ni mziga ya uji tu ndio inasukumwa left right😂😂😂money is everything wadau dont be fooled,” another fan agreed with her.

Amber Ray and her  Rapudo announced that they had received their bundle of joy on Monday May 15.

The baby girl who was named Africanah Rapudo was however born 6 days earlier.



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