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“Nimerudishwa Soko” Jackie Matubia Says After Breaking Up With Blessing Lung’aho 

Jackie Matubia threw her baby daddy out of their rented apartment in Kiambu after deleting his photos on social media.

The public got to know all was not well between the two celebrity couple after Jackie deleted Blessing’s photos on her social media accounts.

She also unfollowed Blessing and even stopped creating content together like they used to.

More recently, Jackie posted a video of her exquisite living room and it didn’t take long for her fans to notice some major changes.

A look at Matubia’s living room months ago, when love was in the air, showed family portraits placed side by side. They included Blessing.

But in the recently shared video, there was a glaring difference, with Blessing’s portrait missing.

The two have been dodging questions about their relationship status as breakup rumours swirl around social media.

A source close to Blessing and Jackie has confirmed that the couple is not together.

“Jackie Matubia is fed up with Blessing Lung’aho and it doesn’t help that allegations of infidelity keep swirling around,” the source close to Matubia anonymously told Nairobi News.

The source added that Jackie kicked out Blessing as he hasn’t been contributing financially leaving her to foot all bills including rent.

Weeks after the source revealed that Jackie and Blessing had parted ways, the actress came out to joke that she was back in the dating scene.

Speaking in a video with Milly Chebby, Jackie proudly indirectly confirmed the breakup.

“Soko ni chafu sasa nimeletwa na Prado. Nimerudishwa soko,” Jackie said as she walked with Milly Chebby.


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