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Jaguar Denies Being Father To Hamisa Mobetto’s Son, Dylan

“Huyo mtoto sio wangu! Hamisa Mobetto ndio anajua baba yake!” Jaguar says.

Jaguar has finally addressed the longstanding controversy surrounding the paternity of Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dylan. The artist, known for his chart-topping hits and political endeavors, has found himself at the center of a protracted paternity dispute that has captivated audiences in both Kenya and Tanzania.

In a recent interview, Jaguar distanced himself from the accusations, firmly saying that he is not Dylan’s father.

The singer revealed that he has encountered Hamisa Mobetto on only two occasions, first, five years ago, and more recently when the socialite visited Kenya.

Jaguar went on to state definitively, “That child is not mine; Hamisa Mobetto knows who Dylan’s father is.” He emphasized that he cannot deny his own blood, stating that if Dylan were indeed his child, he would assume responsibility and care for him just as he does for his other children.

Dylan’s parentage has long been a topic of speculation, as he was born to Hamisa Mobetto and Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond’s limited involvement in Dylan’s life has consistently fueled questions about the true identity of the child’s biological father. Netizens have on many instances alleged it was Billnass, Nandy’s boyfriend and Jaguar with both making it clear they were not the fathers.

On her part, Hamisa has consistently maintained that Diamond Platnumz is Dylan’s biological father, setting the stage for a complex and ongoing paternity debate.


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