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“Alikunywa Harpic!” Wife Accuses Gospel Singer Alpha Mwana Mtule Of P0isoning Himself, Domestic Assault

“Anaishi kwangu! Ni malaya, alijip0ison, alikunywa harpic after kunichapa na kuniuma mapua!” Wife to Alpha Mwana Mtule reveals.

Alpha Mwana Mtule is again at the center of controversy as his wife accuses him of domestic assault. The distressing revelations come just days after Mtule’s discharge from the hospital, where Kenyans had generously contributed funds to cover his medical bills.

The wife alleges that he p0isoned himself leading to his hospitalization at KNH.

Mtule’s wife continues to allege that the financial support extended by well-wishers had a detrimental impact on her husband. According to her, the money raised to settle the hospital bills seemed to have gone to Mtule’s head, triggering a distressing chain of events that culminated in domestic violence.

The accusations have left netizens shocked and Mtule’s fan base in disbelief. Mtule, known for his talent and music, now finds himself entangled in a deeply personal crisis that threatens not only his reputation but also the sanctity of his family life.

As the saga continues to unfold, fans and followers are left wondering how such a person could have two faces, with the contrast between his public personality and character as the wife exposes a disheartening reality of domestic turmoil.


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