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Shock As Diana Marua Dances On Top Of Seats While Drunk As Bahati Watches

“Zikishika mimi hupanda juu ya viti na meza! It’s coz life is for the living!” Diana Marua says.

Social media is abuzz with a video of Diana Marua, the wife of former gospel artist Bahati and herself exhibiting uninhibited behavior while intoxicated at a club. The video captures Diana dancing on top of seats in a seemingly carefree manner, drawing both shock and attention from onlookers.

Diana Marua went further and addressed her uncharacteristic behavior in a social media post. In her caption, she wrote, “Mbona zikishika Mimi hupanda juu ya viti na meza??? Ooohh, it’s coz Life is for the living!”

The video has garnered attention and is going viral not only because of Diana’s carefree behavior but also for the presence of her husband, Bahati, and an ex-gospel singer, who was just there also seemingly intoxicated.

Observers have been quick to question the appropriateness of such behavior, especially given the couple’s public image and as role models to many netizens.

While some may view Diana’s actions as a celebration of life and an embrace of joyous moments, others criticize the public display of drunkenness. Concerns have been raised about the impact of such behavior on the couple’s image, particularly within the context of their roles as public figures even as many now blame her for influencing Bahati to quit the gospel music industry finally.


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