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“Wee Mzee Oa!” Jacque Maribe Tells Itumbi To Look For A Wife To Stop Netizens Thinking Its Her

“Nobody assumed you were the wife,we thought you sleep with him!” Netizens tell Jacque Maribe.

Jacque Maribe has encouraged her longtime friend Dennis Itumbi to seek a wife, to end ongoing speculations about their relationship status.

Amidst public scrutiny and assumptions, Maribe’s recent comment humorously redirects attention away from their friendship, as she posted a group photo and humorously saying, “this group in this picture will help you find a wife, so everyone stop assuming it’s me.”

Their friendship has not been immune to speculation, especially after Itumbi penned a heartfelt poem to Maribe four years ago, sparking rumors of a romantic involvement. Itumbi’s poetic words, describing Maribe as a ‘fire on top of a mountain,’ leaving netizens guessing if they were a couple.

This poetic gesture sparked reactions and speculation about the nature of their relationship, with many believing that there might be more than just friendship between them.

In his poem, Itumbi compared Maribe to a blazing fire, symbolizing her strong and captivating presence. He highlighted her courage, power, and unapologetic attitude towards life, portraying her as a force to be reckoned with.

The repeated mention of fire and its transformative qualities metaphorically represented Maribe’s ability to turn challenges into golden opportunities, be it in her role as a friend, a mother, or a trailblazer in her career.

Despite frequent sightings together that fueled gossip about their relationship, both Itumbi and Maribe have consistently reiterated that theirs is a genuine friendship devoid of romantic entanglements.

Their bond, marked by highs and lows over the years, remains unshakable, going above rumors that they’ve already exchanged fluids.


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