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2 Reasons Why Shatta Bway Has Exited Radio Citizen After 5 Years

Stephen Maunda, popularly known as, Shatta Bway has announced that he is leaving Radio Citizen after 5 years.

The radio presenter had his last show on Monday, where he expressed his gratitude to fans.

“Thank you very much for becoming our family. You have stood by us with every corner we took. You have made us number one for those five years and we don’t take it for granted,” he said.

“Your support has been amazing. When we call you to an event you show up,” he added.

He further said that he is leaving the station because he has found a better opportunity.

“In every family, there is a time when the bird must leave the nest and go fend. I have gotten another opportunity to grow in a different field,” he said.

“When we started the show with Q-tee, I told her I will do radio for 5 years then I will move to something else. What many radio presenters are not aware of  is that radio presenters are seasonal. It is even by God’s grace that we have survived this long because the radio audience keeps morphing to something new,” he added.

Shatta Bway said that he had been approached by many radio stations before but he couldn’t leave works tikitaka because it was not where he would want it to be.

Aside from that finding a better opportunity, he added that the passing of his wife Becky last year contributed to his decision of leaving radio.

“I feel I need more times with the kids, I need a more flexible job that would allow me to spend time with them and the fact that right now am thinking like two parents,” he said.

He also promised to share details about his next move on his social media pages.



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