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4 Nigerians Arrested After 25 Year Old Charles Waga Is Found Dead While N@ked

Charles Waga had gone to deliver a carpet in Riruta but ended up dead without his pants.

Netizens are now calling for the deportation of all Nigerians living in Kenya illegally following the incident.

Detectives are currently holding four Nigerian men in connection with the death of a 25-year-old man identified as Charles Waga Otieno.

The young man, known among his peers as a budding rapper, tragically lost his life after allegedly jumping from the fifth floor of an apartment in the Riruta area following an altercation with the four Nigerians.

The incident unfolded when Waga went to deliver a carpet to a seventh-floor apartment, room 56, rented by one of the Nigerian occupants.

Reportedly paid Sh400 for his work, the situation took a grim turn as screams were heard, prompting Waga to strip naked before leaping to the ground floor.

He sustained severe head injuries and, despite being rushed to Coptic Hospital, was pronounced dead on arrival.

The motive behind Waga’s fatal decision remains unclear, and police are treating the case as a murder investigation.

The four foreigners, who were occupants of the house, have been apprehended pending further inquiry into the incident. The deceased’s body has been moved to the mortuary for an autopsy.


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