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Jackie Matubia: I Am Not Ashamed Of Being A Single Mother

After two failed marriages, Jackie Matubia has once again found herself being a single mother to two children.

The mother of two daughters addressed the challenges faced by single mothers while speaking during an interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui.

Matubia offered words of encouragement and asserted that being a single mother does not diminish one’s worth.

She urged single mothers to reject societal stigmas and recognize their inherent strength and value.

“It doesn’t make you a lesser woman. It doesn’t make you short of any other woman that stands. Just because you brought up kids as a single mother doesn’t mean they will also be single mothers,” Matubia remarked.

She highlighted the importance of breaking societal stereotypes and embracing one’s role as a single mother, emphasising the resilience and nobility inherent in single parenthood.

At 32, Jackie Matubia has been divorced twice but she is still determined to get married for the 3rd time.

Speaking during a past interview, Matubia shared that although she had two failed marriages, she is a proud mother to her two children.

The actress noted that she would not be cowed by the stigma in society about single mothers.

“I will not let society despise me, No! I’m proud of who I am and I want to teach my girls that it’s okay. If it doesn’t work, it’s not the end,” Jackie said.

Jackie Matubia mentioned that her failed marriages did not discourage her from marriage but brought a new light to her.

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