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Jimmy Gait Expresses Frustration Over Failure To Get Woman To Marry

“I’m growing older and I don’t know if I will get married. I don’t know,” Jimmy Gait expressed his misery.

In an interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, Jimmy Gait disclosed that he has not been lucky when it comes to matters of love.

The gospel singer lamented that he has been single for a long time expressing worry that he is not getting any younger.

“I am single. I am not married. I don’t know. I’m growing older and I don’t know if I will get married. I don’t know,” Jimmy Gait said.

When asked about the reasons behind his single status, Jimmy Gait expressed uncertainty, suggesting that perhaps he hasn’t been lucky in the realm of love.

“Maybe I’ve not been very lucky in this field. I’ve been character developed, well it’s both ways, mimi sasa sijui. Sijui nikuwe kama Solomon ama,” he said.

Jimmy Gait added that he struggles with intense sexual urges at times.

“A man is a man. You have those urges sometimes,” he admitted.

Reflecting on his ideal partner, Jimmy Gait emphasized the importance of compatibility and inner beauty.

While physical attractiveness is appealing, he stressed the significance of finding a woman who brings peace and understanding to the relationship.

“A man wants peace at home, but most of these beautiful women don’t give you peace at home,” he said.

“A woman that doesn’t understand that and plays along with that then will give the man a lot of pressure. The man of course is supposed to go out of his way however it’s also important to be considerate.

“As long as your man loves you, even if he may not afford some of the things, but he truly loves you, just support him, build him. Work with him so that eventually he can afford the things you want. But isikuwe ati ako na 10k, unatala kiatu ya 7k,” he added.

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