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“I Might Come Home In Casket” University Student Leaves Worrying Message After Breakup

Joseph Onderi, a student of Pwani University has left his Facebook friends with mixed reactions after penning what seemed like a suicidal message.

Onderi split up with his girlfriend six months ago but he is yet to heal from the break, saying it thrust him into depression.

In the lengthy post, he revealed that his girlfriend broke up with him because her friends didn’t like him.

“If I had time I would have penned a story down😔 but…. 🥹At our best you were my everything ❤️ You do know how much I cared for you although I wasn’t providing you financially 😔 You didn’t give time 😭 Kuteleza sio kuanguka 🥹 And if by chance I get a second life I will still love you unconditionally 😘

“Since you said it is over it almost six months 💔 I have tried to heal 😭 but depression has been killing me slowly 😥😥 You knew how much you meant to me ,a pillar to my life 🙃 Separating because your friends hate me isn’t a valid reason at all .Some wanted to me to date them but I was loyal to you 😔 Finally you betrayed me,” he said in his message.

Onderi went on to apologize to his parents, because of the sacrifices they made to ensure that he joins Pwani University.

“To my dad and mum it wasn’t easy raising me up but above you took me as your own child ❤️ With some challenges here and there i made it to pwani university but sorry 😐 maybe i will be back home on a casket this time😭😭😭💔 To my siblings you disowned as your own but at least i will be far away i won’t disturb you again🙃 Hopes that 50 bob i was borrowing you will pay for you the loans you used to say,” he further wrote.

Onderi went on to tell off his relatives, who will contribute for his funeral, for failing to offer him guiding and counselling when he needed it.

“To Dad and mum you are my hereos 💪 I do celebrate the love you showed me 🙏To this girl i wish you well and God to bless you💪.Till the end ,ended,” he concluded.



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