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“I Just Need One More Brother” Edday Responds As Her Son Michael Asks Her To Get Pregnant

Edday told her son Michael that she was done having babies as he insisted that he wanted a baby brother.

The mother of three had an interesting conversation with her son while they had gone to a mall to shop.

In a TikTok video, Michael tells his mother that he needs a baby brother to have a balance in their family because she already has two sisters.

However, Edday quickly dismisses Michael’s suggestion telling him that she would not have another child.

“I am done [having kids],” Edday told Michael.

“Why?” Michael asked.

“Yeah,” Edday responded without giving explanation.

“I just need one more brother,” Michael pleaded with his mother.

“No,” Edday tried to shut Michael.

“Mom it’s two against one. I have two sisters, it’s not fair,” Michael argued out his point to his mother.

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The latest came as Edday recently posted a video of her last born daughter on TikTok talking about their father through a song.

In the song, Eddy is heard asking the father to her children where he is since his children are missing him so much.

The song goes ahead to say that he left her with three children and she struggling to make ends meet and support them.

Edday goes on to say that she is ready to find him wherever he is for the sake of the children who want to see him.

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