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Brown Mauzo’s Arab Ex-Wife Says Her Community Opposed Their Marriage 

Brown Mauzo’s ex-wife Fatima Idha said their marriage was not easy because of racism from her community.

Idha opened up about her marriage to Brown Mauzo during a recent Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram.

A fan wanted to know how she was able to convince her community to bless her marriage to an outsider who was foreign her own culture.

“How did you convince your community having to marry a guy outside your community cz its hard,” the fan asked.

Idha said that her parents were easy and didn’t object to her marrying Brown Mauzo but the opposition came from the larger Arab community, from relatives who considered black people as being dirty.

“Ohhh my (for my parents they are the coolest and they were supportive)

“For the community Arab men find you disgusting for being married with an African ur now considered (maspeedy). Having to hear people say (hadir, abid) knowing u clearly have a kid whose half of that.

“Getting asked how did u survive with them they are sweaty and smelly 🤣 (they smell better than y’all. Bdw hygiene is a personal thing. Wafrika hawana hisani 😂 something I hear a lot,” Fatima Idha explained.

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