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“Watoto Wanakumiss” Edday Shows Samidoh How Their Children Are Missing him

Reality is hitting Edday hard that children are missing their dad even if she fell out with Samidoh.

The mother of three recently posted a video of her last born daughter on TikTok talking about their father through a song.

In the song, Eddy is heard asking the father to her children where he is since his children are missing him so much.

The song goes ahead to say that he left her with three children and she struggling to make ends meet and support them.

Edday goes on to say that she is ready to find him wherever he is for the sake of the children who want to see him.

Edday Nderitu and her three children left the US in May 2023 after getting tired of fighting Karen Nyamu for Samidoh.

On getting to the US, Edday sought asylum which allowed her to stay in America indefinitely.

To seek asylum, one must already be in the U.S. and believed to be in danger of persecution if they return to their country.

A source said Edday applied for asylum claiming she was fearing for her life and those of her children because her husband Samidoh, who is a police officer, had eloped with a well-connected senator, Karen Nyamu, who threatened her.

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