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“I am Ugly, What Do I Have To Offer?” Pritty Vishy Emotionally Admits

Pritty Vishy, a popular content creator and social media influencer, has left Kenyans with mixed reactions after openly admitting that she is ugly.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, the 22-year old digital creator insinuated that a man can’t leave his girlfriend for her because she has nothing to offer.

“I am ugly, why should a guy leave the girlfriend to come to me? What do I have to offer,” she said

“You are ugly?” Obinna asked her and she said, “Yes I am ugly” as she broke down to tears.

In the same interview, Pritty further admitted that she despies her biological father for cheating on her mother as she witnessed.

“I hate my biological dad. You know why? My biological dad cheated on my mum in front of me with my aunt. Undressing in front of me,” she explained.


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Many have felt sorry for Pritty as they bashed those who have been bullying her on social media.

“Oh My… I just want to hug her so tight,” an Instagram user said.

Another however pointed out that, “Thank God she knows how she looks. Kuna wengine hawajijui.”

“Watu wengine wanajifanya hapa na mmeshinda mkimtusi kwa page yake day in day out. Si lazima uskie story ya mtu ndio umtreat right, be kind,” read a separate comment.


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