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Family Members Want Nothing To Do With Brian Chira’s Burial 

Brian Chira has been abandoned by his own family in death as witnessed by the push and pull over his burial arrangements.

The burial preparations for the controversial Tiktoker hit a hitch after his family showed reluctance to be associated with the funeral.

Baba Talisha, a prominent online influencer who has been providing updates since Chira’s death, revealed that Chira’s family members are distancing themselves from the funeral arrangements without giving reasons.

“The body of Chira will be buried kwenye shosho alitoka. Kwenye aliolewa walikataa mwili isiende uko and they don’t want to be associated with anything to do with the funeral. So you will not ask why kwa programs maybe kuna familia ingine. That’s the information I was given,” Baba Talisha said.

He added that the people at Chira’s grandmother’s current place refused to allow the body to be taken there and expressed their unwillingness to be linked with any funeral arrangements.

Meanwhile Chira’s burial is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, in Githunguri, the ancestral land of his grandmother

It has been revealed that Chira will be buried in a graduation gown, a special request made by his grandmother, who fondly remembered him as an exceptionally bright student.

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